Facilities Management

Facilities Management

This case study is for a key building within a major UK organisation where water treatment issues were impacting on their ability to operate

Issue and initial site survey

Future Water were requested to attend site by Senior Management due to issues with the water treatment regime.
We identified a number of issues of concern with the cooling tower control regime:

  • High biocide usage
  • High levels of corrosion
  • High microbial counts
  • Poor chemical storage
  • Heavily fouled with scale
  • High water consumption

Next stage – report and proposal

  1. A report was issued to site detailing all of the non-compliances in accordance with current HSE Guidance documentation HSC ACoP L8 and HSG 274.
  2. A proposal was issued to rectify these faults
  3. The proposal involved the installation of a Future Water Electrochlorination System, refurbishment of the cooling tower and to overhaul and replace the dosing and control system at the same time


  • Work commenced and the FW Electrochlorination plant was installed
  • Dosing and control equipment replaced
  • Chemicals and old dosing equipment removed
  • A water softener installed
  • The cooling tower pack and drift eliminators replaced
  • The cooling tower painted

The outcome

The installation has had many positive effects:
  1. Eradication of biocide spend of up to 10k per annum (3 x different biocides are no longer required on site!)
  2. Dramatic reduction in microbial levels – the tower now operates well within limits
  3. Removal of the biocides being used has eradicated the high corrosion risk
  4. Reduced water consumption by replacing the sites control equipment which was sending 50% more water to drain than the new system
  5. Eradicated scale deposition and therefore improved heat transfer through installation of the water softener
  6. A visit to the site by two Environmental Health Officials and the Duty Holder went extremely well. All parties were impressed with the improved compliance, standard of installation, the logbook, improved microbial results and CoSHH reduction.

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