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Public Sector

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Many Local Authority buildings, swimming pools, libraries and offices up and down the country are entrusted to our water care systems. Our trained engineers will carry out our planned maintenance programmes. But it doesn't stop there we have contracts with universities, schools, colleges, armed forces and hospitals.

 Issue and initial site survey

Future Water were requested to attend site by School Facilities Department due to incredibly high legionella counts.
Site was about to install a chlorine dioxide plant, but had been referred to us by one of our customers who thought that they were not receiving the correct advice.

We attended site and noted a number of issues:
  • High legionella counts
  • No water risk assessment
  • Corrosion in the tank
  • Dead legs on the water distribution system
  • Issues with the pipe work meaning that not all dead legs might be visible. Steel pipe work was noted to be in place in several areas including embedded within the concrete floor of some plant rooms.
  • Over storage of water on site
  • No effective legionella control regime
  • No legionella training had been undertaken by site management or site staff

Next stage – report and proposal

A report was issued to site detailing all of the non-compliances in accordance with current HSE Guidance documentation HSC ACoP L8 which was in place at the time.

We were certain that the issues in several areas of the school were being exacerbated by the presence of the steel pipe work which could not be removed without major structural upheaval which could not be sanctioned for a number of reasons.

A proposal was issued to rectify these faults

The proposal involved the 
  • development of a Legionella Risk Assessment
  •  Installation of a Future Water Electrochlorination System
  •  Removal of dead legs
  • Removal of some tanks
  • Refurbishment of the remaining cold water storage tanks
  • Training of site staff and the adoption by site of a regular flushing regime


A detailed water risk assessment was undertaken
  • Training for site staff was completed to ensure they had adequate knowledge for them to fulfil their regular duties in respect of water hygiene.
  • Work commenced and the FW Electrochlorination plant was installed and commissioned.
  • Tanks were removed where necessary.
  • Keraflo KB Valves were installed on other tanks to reduce stored water volume
  • Dead legs were removed to help to avoid stagnation in parts of the system 
  • An effective legionella control regime was set up for the client.

The outcome

  • The installation and the works highlighted had an immediate effect
  • The legionella counts dropped from over 30000 cfu per litre serogroup 1 Legionella Pneumophila to less than 300 cfu per litre in just over one week.
  • Legionella counts were eradicated to zero in less than 1 month
  • An effective legionella control regime is now in place and the site is fully compliant and pleased with the works to date.

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